Saturday, April 16, 2011

Please take my Reader Poll!

Well, as we're nearing 450 readers on my humble little blog,
I decided maybe it's time to get a little feedback from you,
my lovely readers.
I quite realize that I have kind of eclectic blog -
it's a mommy blog, it's a book blog,
sometimes its a crafting blog,
sometimes I do reviews and/or giveaways.
I've given some thought at times to breaking off and having separate book blog, but I kind of like having all my interests lumped together and being able to blog about whatever I want.
But I'd like to know what YOU think.
Things I've been wondering about lately....
  • Do readers actually LIKE to follow their favorite blogs on Facebook or Twitter?
  • Do readers like blog meme's? And if so, which ones are your favorites?
  • Which posts most interest you?
Soooo.... I've put together a little poll.
It's only 4 questions and a box to leave comments or suggestions.
I'd be very grateful if you'd let me know your thoughts!

Thank you!

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