Monday, April 4, 2011

Cloth Diaper Review: Sassy Cloth AIO Pocket Diaper

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing an AIO Pocket Diaper from Sassy Cloth.

Sassy Cloth diapers are made by a WAHM. She sells on Etsy, as well as on her website.
She offers:
  • One-size AIO Pocket Diapers with PUL
  • One-size AIO Pocket Diapers with Prints
  • Diaper Covers
  • Cloth Trainers
  • Fitteds
I was quite impressed with this diaper. As soon as I pulled it out of the mailer, I could tell it was well-made. I was initially a little concerned about the insert - it seemed so big! I was a little worried about the bulkiness of it, but my worries were un-necessary.

This diaper has a 3 snap adjustable rise. My 30lb toddler is able to easily wear this diaper with room left to grow. The waistband has an adjustable snap closure. My son also has room to grow that direction. The diaper can be adjusted from small to XL with these snaps.

The diaper has a PUL outer layer and a soft microfleese inner lining. The pocket is easy to stuff and un-stuff the insert. At the back of the diaper is a elasticized opening where the insert slips in and out. This snugs in the back of the waistband and also keeps the insert in place within the pocket diaper.

The insert, as I said previously, is very large. It measures 14x5 inches and is made from an absorbent terry cloth. This insert is thick as well. Amazingly, it doesn't seem to make the diaper bulky and soaks up a lot of liquid! I have never had a leak in this diaper. This has become my go-to diaper for nap time.

Another great thing about this diaper (and buying from a WAHM) is that you can get more customized prints! Here is one of my favorites:

AIO Pocket Diaper in Dark Camo Knit Print
In addition, Sassy Cloth diapers are extremely affordable! Solid color PUL diapers are only $10.00 each and her adorable print diapers are $11.00! These diapers are an awesome value!

The only thing I would have to say that might possibly be negative about this diaper is that I'm not sure how it would fit a smaller baby. It fits my toddler wonderful, but it may be a little bulky for an infant. That said, I DON'T have an infant, so I can't test it. =)

Pros: well-made, affordable, absorbent, adjustable, fits to Toddler, comes in a variety of prints!
Cons: possibly may be bulky for a small infant

Buy it:
Visit the Sassy Cloth Etsy Shop or Sassy Cloth website and order your own diaper for as low as $10.00 each!

Disclosure: This diaper was provided to me free of charge by Sassy Cloth for my honest review. All opinions in this post are my own and I did not receive any other compensation.

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