Thursday, October 2, 2014

Family Photos

We recently had some new professional family photos taken. I used to have a friend who did them for free, but I lost contact with her for awhile and had to find someone new! It was hard! There are so many of them out there these days. I discovered a girl from our church was doing photos and decided to use her since Malachi already knew her.

The last time we had photos done was when we had Zach's newborn shoot. Two years! I think they turned out really great.

Here is my little model... he loves doing this.
This was before Zach was really walking around much on his own. And he was super shy.... 

And of course a few family shots... my husband is always thrilled when I decided to get pictures done (did you catch the sarcasm there?) I love how she  caught the evening light in this shoot....

And here's one of my favorite. It was completely by chance that these two pictures were taken. The one on the left is of Malachi at about 18 months, I think and the one on the right is of Zachary, age 2. Love it that we got these two almost matching photos of these brothers.

And there concludes the photo display for the day. Love the memories that are captured during these photo shoots. Personalities are visible and it's amazing how quickly the boys change at this age. 

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