Friday, May 28, 2010

Organized Clutter

Our house is clean enough to be healthy,
and dirty enough to be happy.
~Author Unknown
Do you ever wish that you were one of those OCD women who cleaned all the time and had a perfect house? Okay... well, me neither, but I wish I was better at keeping up on those everyday tasks like laundry and dishes instead of procrastinating until they are an overwhelming pile. I wouldn't say my house is a disaster... usually if someone stopped by I might be apologetic, but I wouldn't absolutely die of mortification... I mean... I do have a 14 month old people!

But, I do know I could do better and procrastinate less and that it would probably make my life a lot easier and more enjoyable because don't you love your house when it's clean!?

Well, I do have a solution of sorts. I have done it in the past, but have since fallen off the bandwagon. =) My favorite cleaning lady is The Fly Lady. She has these wonderful daily routines like "Swish and Swipe" "Shine Your Sink" and monthly Zones. Like I said, it's wonderful when you follow it because everything stays pretty clean. You only work in 15 minute (setting a timer) blocks of time, so you don't get overwhelmed. You start with her babysteps and wherever you are.

Anyway... check it out - I'm sticking her button to the sidebar. I'm thinking of getting back on the bandwagon... but maybe next week. =)


Stacy and Carol said...

I like a clean house but with six pets, numerous friends, a hubby and two grown sons all in and out it just doesn't seem to stay that clean anymore! Signed up to follow you. Hope you'll check out both our blogs. I guess my house would fall under the organized clutter catagory too. Love your little sprout button!
http://www.intentionalconsciousparenting.blogspot And

Mommycrat said...

Hi there,

Stopped by from MBC and am now following - hope you'll do the same for me.

As for cleaning. Sigh. I just do my best. Little bits at a time. I hope to plant my veggie garden and vaccuum today. Maybe get through the ad pack. I don't aim to high. So still firmly in the "appreciate warning" before people stop by zone.

Louise @

Until tomorrow, Jennifer said...

Found your blog through MBC....Thanks for posting the FlyLady website. I need all the help I can get with my house. When company comes I throw everything into my closet!

Elsie said...

Jennifer -
I totally know what you mean! That's what I love about FlyLady and I hope you can use some of her tricks!