Friday, June 11, 2010

And the Bad Mommy of the Year Award Goes To...

Ahh! So, as if my poor baby wasn't feeling bad enough yesterday with his fever and stuffed up nose, I let him fall down our stairs! Yes, that's right... I let my 14-month-old son fall down a flight of stairs... I watched it happen! You're saying, "Hello?! Don't you have a gate or something?" Yes, yes, I do.

So here's the story...
I was running up and down the stairs, trying to clean the house up a bit. I was stuffing cloth diapers downstairs and decided to run them up to the Little Guy's room, so of course he came with me. Now, his room is right at the top of the stairs and I had the door open and I was watching him. I was only going to be up there for a minute, so I didn't put up the gate (stupid!). I was just a couple feet from where he stood. Well, he took a couple steps towards the stairs and I said, "Nooo... don't go over there. Come back to Mommy." And what did he do? He looked at me, smiled and turned around and just stepped over the edge! Of course I lunged over there, but too late... I was just a tiny bit too far away to catch him and it was all I could do to watch him bounce down the steps in front of me.
I think it is the worst thing I've ever seen in my life - now I'm a pretty even-keeled person for the most part. I usually keep pretty calm, especially in the middle of the situation (sometimes I freak out later). "Mellow" my mother-in-law calls me, but I'll tell you - I screamed the whole time he was falling and was shaking and trembling by the time I got down there.
And to add insult to injury, the baby gate that's at the bottom of the stairs was leaning against the wall and when he fell to the bottom he must have bumped it because it fell on top of him.
Anyway... I think he's okay. He has a little rug burn/bump on his eyebrow area and it looks like he bumped his nose (I'm hoping there's no black eye in the morning), but other than that I think he'll be okay.
Mommy though... not so okay... totally traumatized is more like it. I think it might take my whole life to get over it. And let me tell you... I will never not put up the gate at the top of the stairs, no matter how short of a time I'm going to be up there.
Soooo... the bad mommy of the year award... unfortunately goes to me.


sara said...

Thanks for the follow. I'm following back and can't wait to get caught up.

I had this happen while I was watching a young cousin (maybe second cousin...not sure how that works) regardless, I don't hink I've ever felt so helpless. But she recovered nicely and so will your Little Guy!

Free Baby Stuff said...

We've all been there...I even fell OVER our baby gate once and nearly broke my be easy on yourself..

J. Claire