Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Little Late...

Well, I had planned on posting yesterday, but then I ended up with a sick and miserable little man in my house. I actually stayed home from work, which is very unusual for me. My Little Guy has a runny nose and eyes and had a fever of 103 yesterday, so I decided he needed his mommy - and I have tons of sick leave that I never use for myself!

Anyway... it is wet and soggy again here, but on Tuesday it was sunny and I was very proud of myself because I got our jungle of a front yard mowed! We have the most ghetto lawn mower - it was my parents (I swear my dad probably bought this thing in the 70s) and they gave it to us when our newer one was broken down. Anyway... this thing never stops - it is a beast and cuts through practically everything, which is why I had to use it. My hands are still sore - but my yard looks good!

Well, that's about it - I get to work the night shift tonight at work - 11pm - 7am. Yuck... my most hated shift, but I'm thankful that it's only twice a month and that I get to work a great shift the rest of the time.

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Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Wow, rough shift. At least you can look forward to seeing your adorable guy when you get home.