Monday, November 15, 2010

Just Stuff

This was a very busy weekend and I'm happy to be home today with my Little Guy. =)

I had a work meeting that I had to call into at noon. It was supposed to go until 1pm, but they actually got done in 45 minutes! Amazing!

The Little Guy is napping and I lucked out that they planned our meeting during his nap time. The last one I had to call in for, I was giving thanks for mute buttons on phones because he was being really noisy - haha!

It's kind of a cold-looking day outside today, but I'm thinking that when he wakes up we might spend some time outside since it's not raining (yay!).

During my meeting, I posted a few more cute aprons in my Etsy Shop. I've got a bunch to do, so I'm trying to get a few posted each day!

*Okay, at this point in my post a friend called and 6 hours later I've got out to coffee and walked around the shops downtown. It's now the Little Guy's bedtime, so I'm back!*

Anyway... I was going to post a picture of my project I did with my mom the other day when she had Veteran's Day off from work.

Here it is - a Mail Organizer - we followed a tutorial from Noodlehead. My kitchen/dining room has kind of a coffee theme, so now I just have to find a place to hang this. =)

Cute huh? =)

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