Monday, December 6, 2010

Find the Perfect Gift @ - Pearl Necklaces!

Okay everyone - who loves jewelry for Christmas?! I do, I do! has a variety of beautiful things to choose from for very reasonable prices. Take this pearl necklace for $35.99!

They have a HUGE selection - in their Pearl Necklaces alone there are over 1600 necklaces to choose from.

I'm always happy when my husband buys me jewelry - about 5 years ago our house got broken into and the burglar snatched both of my jewelry boxes along with a few other small items. All my jewelry except what I was wearing and what I had left at my moms (luckily my wedding jewelry was there!) was gone! Sooo... I told him that it's his job to get me stocked back up again because I had almost nothing left to wear. would be a great place to send your husband/boyfriend if they need a nudge in the right direction. Easy to find - and beautiful pieces for affordable prices.

Disclaimer: I'm a participant in Overstocks’ Online Scavenger Hunt. This blog post is my own words, but I may be receiving a gift card for my opinion.

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