Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Layoffs Anyone?

I checked my work email last night right before bed (bad idea).
The hospital I work at has announced they are going to be laying off some employees.
Apparently the state budget cuts have cut out some grant money the hospital was counting on (among other things) and one of the ways they are cutting costs is by laying off employees.

I was not really too worried about this whole thing.
Not because I feel safer than others, but for some reason I just wasn't really that worried.

Well, apparently I should have been.... in a different way.

Back to why checking layoff emails is not a good idea before bed:
Our department is cutting two positions.
This only affects one day that I work.

But our ENTIRE department has to re-apply for our jobs.
They've already said that no one is actually going to get laid off because
they've got a couple other open positions that they purposely didn't re-hire for.

Maybe it's silly, but here's what I'm worried about:
I may not get my same position back.
I might have to go work in the ER, instead of my safe little bubble in the 
Family Birth Center.
I might have to work DAYS or ALL NIGHTS.
I purposely took the position I have because I work mostly evenings when my Little Guy is in bed and my mom can come over after work at watch him until my husband comes home. He doesn't have to go to daycare. 
I don't want him going to daycare.

What if I have to take a day shift? 
Then I will have to pay for my sweet little boy to go to daycare all day,
which I can't afford and means I give up spending my days with him.

This whole bad economy thing sucks.
My husband has been out of work twice in the span of a year and a half
and now this. Seriously.

Oh wait. AND we won't find out what happens until
September 7th. Thanks a lot.

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