Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fun in the Sun

Today we were forced to stay at home ALL day. Not that this is a bad thing... sometimes I wish we did it more. Unfortunately, it seems like we have somewhere to go almost everyday around here. Is it bad that a part of me longs for the days without Women's Bible Study, MOPS, soccer and whatever other weekly activities we do during the school year? Anyway... my car was being worked on today (really more like being assessed, which seems to come with a future hefty price tag) and so we had to stay home.

Being that we had a day at home AND it was an amazingly gorgeous day here in the Pacific NW (over 80 degrees!), I cleaned my carpets and then forced Malachi to play outside. He's been begging me to play in the sprinkler for days now....

Isn't this the face of pure delight? I love the innocence.

And then there's my Zach. He napped for much of the outdoor play, but managed to get out and crawl around in the wet grass for awhile. Grass is not his favorite texture and I am slowly trying to get him used to it. I'm surprised he tolerated the wet grass at all! 
See those scarred up knees? Those are the knees of a master speed crawler. Of a boy who refuses to walk on his own. Those knees are not dirty... they always look like that; a constant rug burn. Can't feel sorry for the kid though... he could walk he if wanted!

And what was I doing during all this fun?

I was tackling this mess. This is NOT part of the yard - this is the garden area right up against the house. Looks terrible doesn't it? This is what happens when you rent and don't feel like righting the wrongs of those who have come before you because you might move. Well... I think I'm staying here for awhile and I've decided I'm just going to have to make the best of it... and that means dealing with this disaster. So... one blister and a sore shoulder later it's slightly cleared out. Hopefully there will be an "after" photo to share eventually!

Happy Sunny Days!!!

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