Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pike Place Market

This past week some of my husband's out of town family came for a family reunion. I missed a couple days of it due to work and a child with heat exhaustion (it's been in the 90's here! For DAYS! Crazy), but I did make it for the last couple. The last full day they were here, we took them to Pike Place Market. It's one of the touristy location everyone who visits Seattle should see.

Malachi had a great time. My husband had a cousin with a couple kids Malachi's age, so they became fast friends! His cousin's who live here are all teenagers, so it was fun for him to have buddies his own age for once!

We also visited the Gum Wall near Pike Place. This was a new experience for me - honestly I didn't even know it existed. Apparently people go there just to stick their chewed gum on the alley walls... GROSS!

That red piece in the middle is Malachi's. Ewwww.....

The boys were troopers - they weren"t grumpy and listened really well. It was extremely packed at he market and I was terrified of losing one of them, but everything was fine.

Now I am in frantic planning mode for our camping trip coming up next week to Yellowstone! I am working almost everyday up until the day before we leave, so I'm getting a little panicked! Should be fun though. =)

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