Saturday, April 23, 2011

Things You Didn't Worry About Before Baby...

Holiday edition - what are the things we didn't have to think about or deal with before having a baby/toddler when visiting the in-laws:

  • Remembering a sippy cup w/ milk to take along
  • Remembering the diaper bag/wipes
  • Bringing a bib for breakfast when we get there
  • Highchair (my MIL doesn't keep one at her house like MY mom does)
  • Making sure the older cousins don't give your kid too much candy
  • Grass/chocolate/food stains on clothes
  • Hoping your kid doesn't have a total meltdown because he's got up early and then missed his nap
  • Hoping your kid doesn't throw something on top of the cake you spent the whole day before making while riding in the car before you get there
Okay... I can't think of anything else. Today actually went pretty well and we had wonderful weather! But I have a headache and the Little Guy went to bed an hour early because he was all worn out.

Here's our egg hunt:

Anything you want to add to my aforementioned list? =)
I'd love to hear it!

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