Thursday, September 3, 2009


What is a blog? I just deleted 39 posts that I previously "blogged" on this site. I've never been one to enjoy reading what I previously wrote. Why then do I feel the need to have a blog. My last post was almost exactly one year ago. I was 3 months pregnant, moving and stressed out. I had all kinds of random posts.

I just watched that movie Julie and Julia today. I guess that's what got me thinking about my blog again. Someone who had a PURPOSE for her blog other than just typing away her thoughts. I kind of wish I could use this for a reason like that - although I cannot think of any reason. =) I've never been very good at follow through anyway and would probably poop out halfway through.

Soo... I may just journal away on here - since I think that's the other reason for blogging, but maybe I'll get inspired to use it for something. Not that I need to be like Julie Powell and become famous... just having a purpose would make me happy.

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