Thursday, February 25, 2010

FINALLY...a finished project!

So (sew?) excited! I have finally finished a project that I've been wanting to do!

I made the Coffee Cozy tutorial from the House on Hill Road. Didn't turn out exactly perfect, but not bad for a first attempt considering how long it's been since I did much sewing (other than my unfinished Christmas stockings, of course).

Here are my supplies ------>

Luckily I found it all in my house, since I just decided at the spur of the moment to make it up. I had the fabrics and batting (lining and batting leftover from the Christmas stockings) and was really happy to use up a couple scraps.
Then I had to really seach for a hair band. My hair is really thick and I no longer use these thin bands in my hair, so I had thrown them all away. I didn't have any unused ones, but I figured it's just for me anyway, so who cares?
The button comes from some piece of clothing I'd purchased that came with an extra button - cute huh?

Here I am actually sewing. My sewing machine is kinda in the back corner of a room, so it's a dark picture.

Finished product! Yay! So proud... didn't have a to-go cup to try it out on though. I think my button is a little off, so I may end up taking it off and using it on another cozy. Definitely going to make some more.

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