Friday, April 2, 2010

Finished Hat - New Project

Well, I finished my cute little hat that I blogged about in my last post. Decided that if I make it again I'm definately going to change it up quite a bit. I hated working with that yarn that it called for and thought it was too chunky. Also, it made the ribbing not very stretchy! I didn't like the knit a round, purl a round pattern, since it was super boring - I'm thinking of either just knitting, just purling or some other more interesting pattern. I'm also going to compare it to some of my other hats and may size it down some... the pattern says it fits babies 0-12 months, which is totally ridiculous! Anyway... it turned out looking pretty much like the picture on the pattern, so I was happy and I'm giving it to a friend as a baby shower gift.
(I haven't weaved in the ends yet, hence no picture)

On to the next project! I can't find my yarn needle, so that last one is going to have to wait until I can make it to the store and get another, I guess. I'm making a super cute little bonnet-ish hat. I bought the pattern from and some WONDERFUL 100% baby alpaca yarn (only $4.99/skein!). I LOVE working with it. I will for sure be buying some more from them and I was just on there getting this picture and saw some lovely cotton heather yarn (only $2.99/skein)... mmmm....

Anyway... it's a really fun project.... I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet though, since I obviously do not have a baby girl and no one I know is having one, but I'm sure someone will eventually. Or maybe I'll just keep it for my own future use! Hopefully I'll get a girl one day. =)

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