Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weekend Plans

Well, I made it - I survived the crazy Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse marathon! I didn't get home until 3:00am this morning, but I do have to say that it was fun. It was nice getting together with the family and doing something out of the norm... even if it was with a bunch of other crazy people!

What are you doing this weekend to celebrate our nations Independance Day? Do you do fireworks? Have a BBQ with the family? Stay at home and hibernate until its over? haha

Well, for the first time in quite a while, I have a major holiday weekend off from work. I'm pretty excited about it. On the 3rd we are going to my in-laws and BBQing and just hanging out,  I think. I'm bringing a Lemon Ginger Cheesecake and some yummy baked beans. (If the cheesecake turns out, maybe I'll post the recipe... but I've never made it before!)
Then on the 4th, we are going to church and then I think we're just getting together with my mom and dad. Maybe we'll let off a few fireworks... but it's going to be kind of a quiet holiday, I think.

As a kid, we had awesome get togethers. My mom's parents were the only ones who lived around and my grandpa's favorite holiday was the Fourth of July. We'd go over there and light off bees and ground blooming flowers for half the day. Then when it got dark my cousins and I would get to do sparklers and roman candles. My grandpa would BBQ a roast and we'd stuff ourselves. Then after dark, he'd invite half the neighborhood over and they'd all bring fireworks (we weren't allowed in the garage because it was just lined with fireworks) and then we'd all sit at one end of the yard and my grandpa, dad and uncles would put on a huge display. After my grandpa died in 1997 that all kinda fell apart, which makes me really sad.
This time of year always makes me reflect on those years though and how great they were. I hope that someday we can establish some amazing traditions like that for our kids - that they will always remember and look back on as some of the best memories of their life. And the best part is the family and friends - yes the fireworks were amazing... but my favorite parts were when my grandpa was out on the street lighting all the bees with us during the day... having just as much fun as we were - and yes the food was awesome... but helping my grandma make her famous potato salad and baked beans was the most delightful for me.

Do you have some great memories of past 4th of July's? What does your family do? I'd love to hear you plans!

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