Wednesday, July 7, 2010


A special thanks to Gretchen over at ThatMamaGretchen for honoring me with the Beautiful Blogger Award.
(If you haven't checked out Gretchen's blog yet, you should head over there - she's a great writer!)

Award assingments - to share 7 unknown things about me:

  1. I live on a very tiny lake

  2. I love to fish if someone will take me

  3. I did ballet for 13 years

  4. I decided a couple years ago I only really like dark chocolate

  5. I get addicted to 60 minute free trials of internet games

  6. I think doing the dishes is by far the most disgusting chore ever

  7. I once hiked to the summit of Mt. St. Helen's - never to be repeated!
Pick 12 of my favorite blogs to receive this award:
(I found this one very hard! I picked my top seven!)


Diane said...
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AngelEden said...

Congrats! Winning an award is a wonderful feeling. I've just won the Dorset cereal blog awards and I'm soooo happy!

furygirl3132 said...

Hello! I am a new follower from Welcome Wednesday, so glad to have found your blog. Hope you have a wonderful evening!


Brandie said...

Thank you so much for my award!!

Debbi said...

Thank you Elsie for the award, you are too sweet!!