Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cloth Diapering

Well, I think summer has finally arrived and we are supposed to have a scorcher today - 90 degrees! I know for some of you in the blog world you're thinking 90? that's nothing!, but to us in the Pacific NW - that's super hot! There's a reason why we live here - the mild weather!

So, today I was having a lot of trouble thinking of a post. I have a couple pictures I wanted to share from yesterday's jam making session and our monthly Bunco night on Monday, but they are on a friends camera and I have to wait until I get them. =)

But then I was thinking that I never post about what I do with my Little Guy like breastfeeding, cloth diapering, etc. even though I DO (or did do) all that stuff.

Here's my thing with cloth diapering. I'm totally into it... except sometimes I get lazy. Does that ever happen to anyone else? I just go through stretches of time when I just reach for the disposable instead of the cloth.

I say I'm a part-time cloth diaperer because I use disposables when we are out and about or going to church. As a church nursery worker who started before having children - it REALLY freaked me out when someone would bring in their kid with a cloth diaper on. I just didn't know what to do with it and usually those same parents wouldn't bring a Wet Bag to put it in or something they wouldn't bring another diaper - disposable OR cloth. Obviously NOW those parents don't freak me out as much (although I STILL don't understand WHY they can't bring a WET BAG). I don't want to put other poor people through the stress, so I just use disposables when we're out.

But when I'm at home - I always plan on using cloth exclusively! And I go through stretches of time when I do - but then I get into this weird laziness..... and have to then break my habit! Haha. I think part of my problem is that we run around too much, so I'm always switching back and forth. I used to have leaking issues because my Little Guy is so skinny, but I seem to have conquered those issues, so I could probably use my cloth a little more when we're out.

Sooo... question for the day -
Do you use your cloth exclusively? Are there ever times when you don't? And if you DO use cloth exclusively - what do you do when you have babysitters, church nursery, daycare, etc? Just curious! My babysitters are all fine with it, but that's my mom and my good friend!

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Emily said...

I am into cloth diapers 100%, I even took them with me on vacation recently. I don't like spending money on disposables and then get frustrated when I do and they leak everywhere!

I feel like the reason people are grossed out by them is because they are so uncommon in today's times. So I use them everywhere. The only way to break the nose turning is to get them more out in the open so people can see how awesome they are! I now am actually pretty grossed out by disposables. All that energy and resources just wasted, then they sit in our landfills polluting our groundwater for over 100 years! YUCK!

AngelEden said...

I never got on with Cloth nappies (diapers) but I probably gave up too quick, I blame the lack of sleep lol


Mrs. Grant said...

I will be cloth diapering our little one. Mostly using G Diapers (hybrid) because I like to be lazy too!

Joella said...

Hi there, I found your blog from the Crunch Hop! :)

We use cloth exclusively. Even when we go out of town! It requires packing every single diaper, wipe, and wetbag we own, and doing LOTS of laundry when we get home, but it's worth it to us.

Our caregivers just use our pockets, since those are the easiest for them, and they don't seem to mind!

Ameya said...

Thanks for joining the blog hop! :D

We cloth exclusively. Disposables are a way bigger pain on our butts than cloth ever is for us. Even out of the house, cloth lets us go longer between changes and prevents leaks! If I were leaving him with someone new, I'd definitely show them what's up so they wouldn't be confused, but I don't think unsnapping a diaper is any harder than untaping one! We do use mostly pockets though, so it is really simple. If we used prefolds or fitteds it'd be a little harder, I imagine.

We did get a GroVia hybrid diaper to take with us on a 2 week vacation this month with some biodegradable liners because I don't know where laundry machines are in the bahamas, but this will be the first time since a snowstorm when baby was a few weeks old (and we didn't live with our washer) that we've used anything but cloth. :)

What kind of diapers do you use?

Elsie said...

Thanks for all the comments! I use a diaper that my mom created. It is similar to the bumgenius 3.0 pockets. She made them for about $4 a diaper as opposed to about $17 to buy one. My guy is really skinny with thin legs and we've had some leaking issues in the past which is why I always hesitate to take him out and about with cloth on although I think he's grown into his diaper more now, so we haven't had that problem at hom for awhile.

Amy Walker said...

Following you from FF!I do use cloth diapers 99.9% of the time. I even took them for a week away from home recently. On the rare occasions that my DD gets a rash I'll put her in a disposable so that I can put cream on it without worrying about ruining the diaper. I have every once in a long while put her in a disposable just to. :)
Amy @