Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bedtime Binky - Gone!

I'm excited to annouce that we are on night number TWO without using the binky! I've been debating when to take it away. My son just turned 16 months and I wanted it gone by 18 for sure. But we are going on a big vacation (let's just say 5-6 hour airplane flight) at 18 months and I wasn't sure if I should keep it until then or try to get rid of it now.

Now please understand.... my son is not attached to ANYTHING. No stuffed animals, no blankies, nothing. The binky has gone from being in his mouth practically 24/7 (it was pretty much my lifesaver during the colicky months) to being regulated to nap and bedtime around 12 months. He doesn't have a bottle at bedtime, doesn't hold onto a lovely or anything, so I was a little nervous about this process of taking it away at bedtime.

He also goes to bed like an angel. No tears, tantums or anything. We have our nightly routine and he just knows that it's time to sleep and he goes. So yesterday the Big Guy said he thought we should take the binky away at the end of the month and I *timidly* said okay.

I decided to test it out once.... before the end of the month to just see how it went. So last night we did our routine and then I just put him in his crib and waited outside the door - nothing! PERFECT!

He's not such a great napper during the day, so I let him have it at naptime today and then I just put him to bed again tonight with no binky and waited - nothing! YES!

I pretty much CANNOT BELIEVE it was this easy. I thought he was going to throw a fit and not be able to go to sleep without it. I thought I needed to substitute it with something else, but apparently not. I'm super excited!

I work the next few days, so I'm just going to have Dad and Grandma do the same as today and then when I have a couple days off again I think we'll attempt taking it away for good. Wish me luck!


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Dana said...

It was that easy with my oldest child too! Not so much with my second but it can happen! My experience has been that the first night is the worse so hopefully that will hold true and it'll be a breeze!

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Everyday Kathy said...

Here from the Talkative Thursday Hop... Congratulations!! That is awesome. My girl never had a binky or favorite anything either but our bed times have always been tricky! Once she is down she sleeps straight for 11 hours or so but sometimes it is 10:00 before I get her down!!

Kathy over at Everyday Bliss

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