Monday, July 26, 2010

Feeling Very Green Today...

My Little Guy was born at 8lb 13oz... quite a chunker and in the 80th percentile. Then he steadily went down from there and at his 12 month doctors appt he was only 18lbs and in the 3rd percentile. I was getting a little worried (granted he had the flu for the two weeks before that appt, so I'm not sure how accurate that was) and have been working to get him eating more. He is such a buy little person... I think it slows him down to much to eat and he just wants to be done eating and play.... so I've been trying to have him eat more small meals a day.

Well, today at his 15-18 month doctor's appt, he's now 23lbs and we made it up to the 22nd weight percentile! Yay! I feel like we've had a huge accomplishment - haha!

Anyway... even though we went to the doctor this morning... I had A LOT of housework to catch up on from the weekend. And... I'm feeling very green today... can you tell why?

It was almost 90 degrees today and I was in desperate need of doing some diaper laundry. So, I washed it all and then hung them on my new clothesline to dry and hopefully sun-out some of the stains. Aren't they lovely?


Dana said...

I have to admit that is a lovely sight!

My youngest child is the exact same way with the weight. Seriously, NEVER stops...

Our pediatrician made a good point though reminded me that the growth chart was placing her in a chart of a sample of 100 children.. He said that when we're living in a country where there is an epidemic of overweight children that being on the lower end of scale where half of the children are actually overweight isn't a bad place to be.

But, like you, I worry about whether or not she's getting enough.



sara said...

I love clothes dried in the sun. there's something so soothing about it.