Sunday, August 22, 2010

Book Series: Huxtables

If you like historical romance novels, you should definitely check out this series. The Huxtables by Mary Balogh. Set in England during the Regency period, this is a series of five books. You follow the stories of one family - three sisters and their brother (one book for each) and how their lives change as they go from being a rather poor family in a country village to their brother finding out that he is the heir to being the Duke of Merton.

I was kind of afraid that each storyline was going to be the same and the sisters were all going to seem really similar to each other, but I thought the author did a pretty good job of making each of them have their own personality and character. And the male characters also. The final book wraps up the series with the story of their cousin Constaintine who was born two days before his father, the Duke of Merton, and his mother were married and so was legally not able to claim the title after his fathers death. Constaintine kind of floats in and out of all the previous books and I was happy that she concluded the series with us finally finding out his story.

I actually had thought that the author had finished the series after the 4th book and left me kinda hanging and wondering what the deal was with that cousin of theirs. Then my mom discovered that there was a 5th (and final) book of the series with his story.

Anyway... I liked them... they had good stories and characters and plot lines, unlike some romance novels. There was sex, but it wasn't super graphic, which I also appreciated.

Here are the titles, you can find them all on (or most likely at your local library):

I think I'll be checking out some of this author's other books eventually!

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