Saturday, August 21, 2010

Locked Out?

So yesterday I got off work at 7am after working the night shift. I was pretty tired since that was my second night in a row and had only had about 5 hours of sleep the day before. My Little Guy was at the neighbors house and I stopped by there to pick him up from her before I headed home so we could both take naps.

My mom was super nice and took half the day off work to come over and watch him for me until noon, so I could take a good long nap instead of just a 1 or 2 hour one. She just told me to leave the front door unlocked so she could get in while we were sleeping (I'm not too worried about this because I have two big dogs - I don't think anyone they didn't know would want to come in)

So I carefully told myself over and and over... "don't lock the door... don't lock the door" so I wouldn't forget.

Well, at about 11:00 am I heard a car honk outside in the driveway and I was thinking "what are they doing?... is she letting him play in the car?" and promptly went back to sleep.

Then I heard the car honk again - twice! and decided I should get up and see what was going on. It was my mom - apparently locked out of the house!

I let her in and said, "I'm sure I left the door unlocked!" but it was locked, so I assumed that although I had been repeating my mantra to myself, I apparently still locked the door on autopilot.

My husband is gone for the weekend hunting and usually checks in with me a couple times a day while he's gone. He called this morning and said something about how he'd come home yesterday morning while I was asleep from work because he'd forgotten a tool he needed.

Here was the conversation:

Me: "What!? Did you lock the door when you left?"
Him: "Yes, why'd you leave the door unlocked? 
Me: "You locked my mom out! I thought I'd left it unlocked!"
Him: "Oh, well, I wondered if maybe you mom was coming over, but I decided to lock it anyway."
Me: "Well, she sat out in the driveway for 2 hours waiting for Little Guy to wake me up and finally gave up and had to honk the horn to wake me up."
Him: "Oh, well sorry."

Guys are so clueless sometimes.

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Jane said...

Oh, well. I got a lot of my knitting done, listened to old radio shows on my car radio, and didn't have to be at work. :)