Monday, August 23, 2010

Canning/Preserving Your Food

You MAKE your own jam? WHY? Isn't that hard? I thought that was just for pioneers... do people still DO that nowadays? Can't you get food poisoning?

These are all questions I get asked when people find out I make my own jam. Growing up my mom canned all kinds of things (my favorite being pickled beans! mm... my mouth is watering just thinking about them), so I didn't realize it was so weird to everyone else.

Have you ever wondered how to can your own food? I think it's becoming a little more common these days with everyone trying to get away from processed food with lots of preservatives and artificial EVERYTHING, but it's also kind of intimidating to those who've never done it.

Well, if you'd like to learn more about canning/preserving your own food, head on over to a Latte with Ott, A and From Mess Hall to Bistro for Canning Week! They are having a Linky Party with recipes and how-tos, a Facebook page, Giveaways and more.


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Ott, A. said...

Thanks so much for giving us a shout out on your blog! It is interesting how people are skeptical. Now these beans that you mentioned, I think I'm gonna need a recipe to give these a try for myself. :)