Friday, August 27, 2010

Dear Darlings Penpals

Well, I'm pretty excited to annouce that I've joined up with Dear Darlings - a penpal project hosted by Melissa over at Oh, My Darling. I came across her blog a few weeks ago and discovered the Dear Darlings project. I've been matched up with three other ladies to exchange letters via snail mail. She is taking "rolling admissions", so if you're interested in joining up, visit her blog post about it here.

To go along with my Dear Darlings letters though, I needed some stationary. Because of course, if I was going to be sending letters through the mail I wanted some pretty paper to write it on. I figured I'd just run out to Target and pick up some.... well, think again.

There was NO stationary at Target unless I wanted to buy notecards. Notecards are apparently the new stationary because no one writes actual letters anymore! I came home and Googled "personal stationary" and what did it come up with? Notecards. I had some notecards from Pear Tree Greetings, but decided that just wasn't going to cut it since I was writing letters not notes. I finally discovered that you have to be really specific in your search and use the words "stationary letter sheets" in order to come up with the correct thing. I even searched Etsy, but not too much was available there either (that is, unless I wanted to spead a fortune). I did find a cute set from, but she's closing her shop, so I snatched it up quick!

My mom went to one of those little specialty boutiques we have here in the downtown area and found ONE set of stationary and it's super cute also. Those sheets above are one side and then when you fold it up to put in the envelope, the other side looks like this:

Thanks Mom for finding me some suitable stationary for my penpal project. =)


Jane said...
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Melissa said...

Thanks for blogging about Dear Darlings! Your adventure in finding proper stationery is wild -- I've just been writing really tiny on notecards, hehe.

Jane said...

I went to three shops and each shop had one set of stationary. Lots of notecards, only one set of stationary. Oh, well. I think you should go to and pick out some stationary. They have five different designs to choose from and are very pretty.