Thursday, September 2, 2010

Growing a Reader

I think I've mentioned before how I LOVE to read - I've always got at least one book going and a TBR pile that's constantly growing. Well, my husband is not a reader at all. He actually HATES to read. I buy him a subscription to Bowhunter magazine every year because it's basically the only thing he chooses to read. I don't really know what happened to him to make it so he dislikes it so much, but I think it's pretty sad. His mom and his sister both read, so I'm not sure what happened to him.

Anyway... I am determined to make my son into a reader. I want him to know what enjoyment can be had from reading a good book or from reading the story behind a movie tha he loves. Basically since he was born, I've been reading him books. We read together before every nap time and now that he's not nursing anymore, we read before bedtime also.

I have taught him to sign a few words like "please" and "more". He is so cute now because at nap time we will sit down in the chair and he will start rubbing his chest and say "this!" while pointing to the stacks of books on his dresser. After we finish one he'll sign "more" or "please".

This morning I came across this scene, which just melted my heart:

He went and got a book and is sitting on the floor and babbling to himself like he is reading the book. He didn't even care if I was reading it to him or not. Here he is pointing to the ball and going "huh, huh?" so I'll tell him what it is. So sweet!

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Jane said...

I think Grandma's going out and getting more books! :)