Thursday, September 16, 2010

Slow Night, Blogmania & Revelations

Okay, so last night at work was SUPER SLOW. I did not have even ONE preggo come in. Very weird and I'm not complaining... but man, it's hard to stay awake.

So... in trying to keep myself from falling asleep, I started visiting all the Blogmania blogs. It was really pretty fun and I found a couple new blogs to start following.

But I discovered something about myself during my blog hopping last night. Maybe it's my passive agressive nature or something, but if a blog owner required me to be a follower of their blog in order to enter their giveaways, then I would just move on.

Does that bother anyone else? I understand the reason behind it... I mean, here they are giving away awesome prizes and they want to get something out of it. But I want followers who actually WANT to follow me - not just because they wanted something from my site.

Anyway... I DID sign up to follow about 3 blogs that actually looked interesting to me and I thought I actually might want to read the content on a regular basis - and none of them required me to be a follower... I just wanted too. And I signed up for a bunch of giveaways - at those sites and some others that didn't require a follow to enter.

I learned something about myself last night. Don't force me or I'll pass you by. haha

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