Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Last Minute Details

I am in the finishing stages of packing for our trip. Obviously there's a few things that will have to wait until tomorrow when we actually leave, but I think I have most of it done. The Little Guy has twice as much stuff as I do, I think! AND I still feel like I could pack more for him!

Unfortunately I have a sick husband at home today. He went hunting this weekend to avoid the sick Little Guy, but still ended up getting a flu bug. I told him it was karma because he didn't want to stay home with his sick son. I don't think he appreciated my comment. =)

Soo... that's causing me a little bit of trouble, since I had stuff to do today! I did tell him that I'm leaving the Little Guy home with him during naptime, so I can run errands though.

Here's hoping that he gets better, I don't get it and that we remember everything on our trip!

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