Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pear Tree Greeings: Christmas Card Review

I was excited one day when my husband brought in the mail and I had a package from Pear Tree Greetings! It was a little bundle of Christmas Cards to review and I was excited to get to actually handle them. This is why:

I am kind of a weirdo (I acknowledge this, so don't be mad if you do this) and I really don't like most of those photo Christmas cards that people send out. It seems to be all the rage at the moment, but I hate them. Why, you ask? Because they are so impersonal. There isn't anywhere to write a little note to the person or family you're sending it too because it's on photo paper! Usually it's just a picture and a little "Merry Christmas from the Jones' Family" or whatever. Ugh!

Okay... onto the review... so I received some samples of the Pear Tree Greeings Christmas Card collection. First off, I LOVE the paper! It is made from 100 lb matte cardstock (which is also 100% post-consumer recycled). It's not photo paper, it's REAL CARDSTOCK!

They have cute photo Christmas cards that are cards. You know, like they open up and stuff. So, you can have a picture of your lovely family on the front and then open up the card and write a message to them inside. Or if you like the idea of not having to write anything, they have those too - look at this flat card:

Ho Ho Ho! Photo Christmas Card #9870FC
They are affordable - most cards are between $10-$13 for a set of 8.

They have unique designs and beautiful colors. Here are a few of my favorites:
Peppermint Swirl Circle #7976GRFC

Shades of Stripes in Red #7980RDFC

Subtle Snowflakes in Green #PTG9898GR

And... I think this may be our Christmas Card choice this year... 
Holiday Joy #7965JOYFC

Pear Tree Greetings also has a lovely assortment of Christmas Birth Annoucements, Holiday Business Cards, Christmas Party Invitations, Holiday Thank You Cards, Christmas Address Labels (coorinate your cards and labels!) and much more.

Check out their entire Holiday Collection to see all their unique designs.

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