Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pen-to-Paper Challenge Week 4 (a little late)

Well, I'm a few weeks behind on wrapping up my Pen-to-Paper Challenge hosted by Pear Tree Greetings. But, better late than never, right!? I was pretty excited that my last post for the Pen-to-Paper Challenge won the weekly prize of a $50 gift certificate to Pear Tree Greetings (hello Christmas Cards!)

For my last week, I decided to write a little thank you note to a lady at my work. She has been extremely flexible with me the last month or so. As you've all heard, I worked a lot of extra shifts in September and October and she switched days with me several times, so I could do something fun with my family here and there. Also, last weekend I needed to go to a funeral, but was scheduled to work and she switched days with me again. I really appreicated her being so willing to work with me and decided to write her a little note to say so!

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