Thursday, October 21, 2010


A lot of times I wish I remembered to post the cute things that the Little Guy does on a daily basis. But I always tend to forget. Here's a cute one from yesterday:

It's just before dusk. We're driving home after some shopping - the Little Guy is crying because he's tired in his carseat and mommy is tired of the crying and from shopping - suddenly the crying stops and "huh!" I look around to see what he's pointing at. I look up in the sky and he's completely facinated by the almost full moon up in the pre-dusk blue sky. All the rest of the way home he was looking for that moon to peek out from behind the trees so he could point and say "huh!"

His other new thing is puckering up his little lips to make kissing noises. If you say, "I love you!" to him he puckers up. =)

I just love that cute little kid!

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