Friday, November 26, 2010

Question for the Cloth-Diapering Mommas

For those of you who are cloth-diaperers... what do you use at night? Currently we use a disposible at nighttime for several reasons:
  1. Sometimes we can't even make it thought a long nap in a cloth without him being soaked
  2. The couple times I've attempted a cloth diaper overnight he's woken up in the morning a soppy mess
  3. I guess I've been too lazy to make it work 
He's regularly soaking through his disposibles at night also. I wouldn't say he's an "extra-heavy wetter" (at least I don't think so), but we've started cutting off his liquids at least an hour before bedtime and we are still periodically having issues.

Soooo... I figured if I'm having these problems with the "easy" disposibles, then I might as well try to find a cloth solution instead of a disposible solution. Obviously I'd like to use the diapers I have, but it seems like if I put a lot of extra inserts in them, then they are so bulky that the legs tend to leak from being over-stuffed. I see that some companies sell "overnight" cloth diapers and I'm not sure what that means.

So I'm turning to the experienced cloth-diapering moms out there. What diapers do you use? OR what inserts seem to work best for overnight? How do you prevent having a soggy mess in the morning to greet you?

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