Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Find the Perfect Gift @ - Food Processors

Do you like to cook for the holidays? My family does. When my husband first started joining us for family holidays he said we were like "the Betty Crocker Family."

Well, I know one of the appliances that makes my life a lot easier when I'm cooking from scratch is my Cuisinart Food Processor! I was lucky enough to have it given to me by my grandma for a wedding gift and little did I know at the time how great it would be!

  • Food processors eliminate the need for hand chopping, dicing or grinding your food. It cuts it all up uniformly, unlike some hand choppers (or trying to chop evenly with a knife!). Use it for vegetables, nuts, fruit - just about anything!
  • Another great use for these is shredding cheese! Wow! I couldn't believe how fast it takes a chunk of cheese and completely shreds it! Shred cheese for salads, casseroles, pizza or anything in just a few seconds.
  • The best use I've had so far for my food processor though is making baby food for my son when he first started solids. If you want to make nutrious food for your baby, the easiest thing to use is a food processor. Just cook your food, place it in the processor and blend. You can puree or liquify your baby food in seconds. I would make bulk baby food to freeze with my large food processor and I had a mini food processor for things I was pureeing for a single meal. Wonderful!

At they have over 50 Food Processors to choose from. You can browse through them, easily compare brands and prices and read reviews from others who have purchased one. I was interested to see that they even have factory refurbished ones available for what looks like a discounted price.

Disclaimer: I'm a participant in Overstocks’ Online Scavenger Hunt. This blog post is my own words, but I may be receiving a gift card for my opinion.

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