Thursday, December 16, 2010

Yikes! Less than 10 Days...

Why do I do this to myself every year? Every year I buy my first present before Thanksgiving and think "wow, I'm really with it this year - I've already started my Christmas shopping!" and then I coast along until a couple weeks before Christmas when all of a sudden I realize... I've still only got ONE present!

AND I've decided this year that I'm not a gift card person - although let me qualify that statement.

If - you are going to buy me some random crap at Walmart that I'm just going to end up throwing in the trash or donating to the Goodwill this summer - then please, buy me a gift card to Starbucks instead.
But - if you are the kind of thoughtful person who tries to make an actual attempt and buying me something FOR ME, even if I don't really like it, I will very much appreciate it because you put some thought into it.

Sooo... I really tried this year to put this into practice. Granted... most of these things I'm now hoping will make it to my house before Christmas because I just ordered them this week, but okay we'll work on that for next year....

Here are a few of my examples (can't show you all my good finds because a couple of the people I buy for read my blog!)

Uncle Rob - I drew his name for the gift exchange this year. Usually I just buy him a gift card to West Marine, a local boating store. He owns a sailboat. This is what I ordered him this year from WinterberryCottage:

2 8x10 Prints on Vintage Dictionary Pages - $7.80 each (when they arrive I'll buy a couple of frames to finish them off)

Stephanie - my good friend who is a baker, I got her this poster from KeepCalmShop:
She's not really a pink person, but you could custom order this in about 25 colors, so I picked a bright red, since that's what color her kitchen accessories are in.

And of course the beer soap for my husband! =)

Okay... soooo.... mailman, please bring my gifts before Christmas. I promise I'll start shopping earlier next year....

Now, if I can just finish all my knitting projects I decided to start this week also. Ugh.

How are you all doing with your shopping? Any organized and finished shoppers this year??

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