Thursday, January 27, 2011

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Well, I still don't have a working computer ... oh wait... let me re-phrase that. I DO have a working computer, but I can't use it because my mouse for my previous computer doesn't work in my new one. Bought three new mouses (mice?) from the store yesterday and didn't realize that it wasn't my mouse - but the connection - that wasn't working. Soooo... since I didn't have time to go today, I won't have a computer that works until tomorrow sometime... hopefully.
Getting this computer working and TO MY HOUSE has been a very long and irritating ordeal, but I won't bore you with the story - but let's just say I'm totally done with it all.

In other news - Toddler Gym was very successful today. I am afraid to admit that I think my child is the class bully. Not actually on purpose - he doesn't purposefully run into the other children with his head, but he kind of gallops around the room and then can't stop fast enough and runs head first into them. Then last week during the parachute time, he tackled a little girl because he was so excited - I think. Anyway... I've been kind of cringing at the thought of going each morning because I'm afraid of what's going to happen.

Sooooo I'm happy to report that today we got through the WHOLE CLASS without any other children getting hurt! Ha! I think he's finally getting used to the class, so he's not quite so excited when we get there. We actually got there first this morning, so it was quiet when we arrived and slowly got busier, which I think helped him adjust.

Then he was super cute because when one of the other little girls came in, he ran up to her and was like "hi! hi! hi!" That mom asked me if I'm planning on enrolling him for the second session of the quarter and I told her I think I will. I wasn't too sure last week when he was accidentally beating up on everyone, but now that he's calming down I think it might be okay. =)

I have some new pictures to post, but alas, no way to get them off my camera at this point. So hopefully I'll get my mouse working and be able to post at home soon.

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