Saturday, January 1, 2011


A couple weeks before Christmas a friend asked me to make two hat and scarf sets for her. One pink set for her 5 year old daughter and a grey for her 3 year old son. I said sure, since she babysits my Little Guy for free on the mornings I come home from working the night shift.

I got kind of stressed over them. The pink one especially was difficult because she had picked the yarn and it was something I REALLY didn't like working with. It was also a bulky yarn and I didn't have any good patterns (or the right needles for that matter) to make it an easy process. I made the scarf and my mom ended up doing the hat for me.

I then turned my attention to the other set. The scarf I did a pretty seed stitch (I think that's what it's called) and a simple beanie for the hat.

I had my husband deliver them right before Christmas for me.

A few days ago I got this picture in a text message:

Cute right? Well, I wondered why I didn't get a picture of the little boy also, but whatever.

Well, today I got this text:
Friend: "Hey there. Did you make grey hat & scarf for Jesse?"
Me: "Yes! I put them together in the bag, didn't you get it?"
Friend: "Yes I wanted it for me I have no hat. I tried it on & it didn't fit. LOL"
Me: "Oh no! I thought it was for Jesse! I will make you another one if you want!"
Friend: "I really want one (because it is made by you) I'll get some more yarn lol"

haha - ooops! Oh well, I guess I'll have the whole family outfitted with new hats and scarves soon!

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