Friday, February 4, 2011

Kudos to the Hubby

I have to give kudos to my hubby. He's not working right now and staying home with the Little Guy and using all cloth diapers at home with no complaining!

A little background - when I was pregnant, we started researching cloth diapering. I really didn't know anything about it AT ALL and we didn't know ANYONE else who was doing it (a big change from now - now I know several people personally who cloth diaper or who plan to when their baby is born)

I'm not sure how I managed it, but my husband was totally on board for cloth diapering. I think he even thought it was kind of his idea and was telling his mom about how we were going to do it (much to her horror).

Diapers with DH's supply of gloves -
not so sure how eco-friendly THOSE are!
Well, then the baby came - with the poop. Can we say the enthusiasm waned some? Uh, yeah. We DO have disposables in our house (okay now... no judging) and when I was at work, I'm pretty sure that's what he used. I ALWAYS heard about it if I went to work and left the Little Guy in a cloth diaper that he then decided to poop in. 

Well, I was a little nervous about him being home so much. I've been very faithful about using our cloth when we're home and we hardly ever have to buy diapers. BUT much to my surprise, the hubby has been choosing to use the cloth, I've barely heard any complaining about poopy cloth diapers and hardly every is a disposable touched! Amazing!

I'm sure some of it is that he feels bad that we have less money coming in and he feels like he's doing his part, but - still. Yay! Hopefully this carries over to when he goes back to work. =)

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