Friday, March 25, 2011

Book Review: Seduced by a Highlander

Seduced by a Highlander (Children of the Mist)Book Details:
Title: Seduced by a Highlander (Children of the Mist bk2)
Author: Paula Quinn
2010, Forever
Genre: Romance

Book Summary (from the back cover):
Tristan MacGregor is famed throughout the Highlands as a silver-tongued seducer and an unrepentant rogue. Bold and charming, he's dallied with many women, yet none as beguiling and mysterious as the lass he steals a kiss from at the king's court. Little does he know this beauty is one of his clan's greatest enemies.

Isobel Fergusson has despised the bloodthirsty MacGregors ever since they murdered her father. When she learns the handsome stranger who captivated her so is a MacGregor, she vows to forget him. But Tristan means to possess her at any cost and Isobel's body turns traitor at his touch. Can a man she's sworn to hate be the only one she can ever truly love?

My Review:
I got this book from a blog giveaway. I have to be honest and say it's been sitting on my bookshelf since last fall because I laughed at the title every time I saw it. I just couldn't see myself actually reading it! Anyway... I finally picked it up and I was pleasantly surprised at what I found...

Instead of being a book packed with steamy sex scenes, as I was expecting, this book was more about righting wrongs, forgiveness and misunderstandings. Tristan is a lovable character - you like him right away even though you know he's a rogue and, like Isobel, you're not sure you should. Isobel, on the other hand, is strong, loves and protects her family above all and is spirited.

The story line was very good - I wasn't sure how they were going to work out their clan disputes. The author kept hinting that there was more to the story (the misunderstanding) but I couldn't exactly figure out what it was. AND of course, it doesn't hurt that it's all set in Scotland!

Overall, it was very good. I think I'm going to have to track down the first book in the series, Ravished by a Highlander (still makes me want to laugh!), to find out the story of Tristan's older brother, which is mentioned several times in this book.

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