Friday, March 18, 2011

Someone's Got a Birthday Coming...

I CANNOT believe that my Little Guy is about to turn TWO. I know this happens to everyone,  but seriously, where did the time go?

We are planning a super special Planes, Trains and Autos birthday party for my little man. I ordered these adorable invites from CiaoBambino on Etsy. 
Obviously this is the sample picture, not our real address or anything. LOVE them.
I got a printable/digital invitation, so I just took the file to our local Staples and they printed them up for us and they turned out really cute.

A friend of mine is a cake decorator and so I let her handle the cake portion. =) 

I'm not exactly sure what else I'm going to do - balloons, solid colors and I may make up some stickers to put on cups and party hats. I think my mom is going to frost some sugar cookies in the shapes of vehicles.

I spent TWO HOURS at ToysRUs shopping for his birthday presents. Probably the last year I'll actually be able to take him with me to the store. haha!

Here's the problem - we really don't buy many toys outside of Christmas and Birthday's. That means I need to think ahead to what he may grow into over the next 8 months. Also, he's at this weird stage where he knows what he wants (he's actually pretty opinionated about it), but can't really verbalize it a lot yet.

Soooo... I wandered around the store for FOREVER. We're still pretty broke, so I needed to spend wisely. 

My Little Guy discovered the wonderful Thomas the Tank Engine wooden railway set that the store had set up. He played with it for probably a good 30 minutes at least. "Doot Doot!" he kept saying. I was pretty excited about that - I like it because it's not plastic and he should be able to play with it for a long time. The bad part is that it's soooo expensive. I may have to start searching for some second-hand.

Here's what he's getting from us-
Cars folding chair (I thought this may come in handy this summer when we go camping or go to watch daddy play softball)
Thomas and Percy Starter Set
Handy the Tow Truck (with sound effects)
Boomer the Fire Engine (he has several of the other smaller Tonka trucks like this already)

Spent $55 after my $13 off in coupons, so I think I did pretty good. I also have a gift card to Target that someone gave him for Christmas, so I may make a trip there and either get him some clothes or another toy - we'll see.

Bonus of taking him with me - I knew what he liked and didn't. =)

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