Sunday, March 13, 2011


My Little Guy has officially decided to move himself to the Two-Year-Olds class at church. A couple weeks ago I came into the Ones after attending the 1st church service (I work in Ones during the 2nd service) and the girl working before me said that the Little Guy and another boy were being rowdy, so they went over to the Twos. I didn't really mind, especially since he'd wanted to go over there the week before, but was still a little sad because he's not two until March 25th! 

So every since then, he's wanted to go to the Twos class. The last couple weeks he's spent about half the 2nd service in Twos and then come back over to Ones for the last 45 minutes or so. Usually by that time he's pretty worn out and getting cranky, so I don't mind that they send him back to me.

Now he's bringing home little craft projects and stuff. He sees me through the pass-through and he's just like "Hi!" and then runs off to play some more. So sad for mommy. But I'm glad, because I'd rather he be happy to move up, than be scared or upset at being with the bigger kids. 

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