Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mothering Types

I found this neat little quiz while I was browsing one of my regular blogs - That Mama Gretchen - check out her blog while you're out browsing the blogosphere!

Isn't it interesting how everyone is so different - there are so many different styles of parenting and I don't think any are necessarily right or wrong.

Gretchen had linked to a quiz What's Your Mothering Personality, so I popped over there at took it to see what it had to say about me....
A few of the questions were a little difficult because I only have one child - who is a toddler, but I did the best I could.

According to this quiz I am: 
ISFJ - The 'Tender Loving Care' Mother
ISFJ (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging)

Gentle and kind, the ISFJ mother provides her children with generous amounts of tenderness,affection, and the comfort of daily routine. Her aim is to "be there" for her children, physically and emotionally. She is sensitive to their feelings, offering closeness, understanding, and quiet support.

Loyal and devoted, the ISFJ mother has a strong sense of duty and consistently puts her children's needs first. She delights in taking care of the little things that matter to a child, making each one feel loved and special.
To provide her family with security and warmth, the ISFJ mother tends to the practical and domestic, aiming for a smooth-running household and an attractive home. She also observes and conveys the value and importance of family traditions.

Wow! I'd say that's pretty right-on! I was impressed.... although I'd say those words "aiming for a smooth-running household" is the key. "Aiming" does not always mean "succeeding"

  • Showing love in practical ways, tending to the little things, sensitivity and, here's a biggie for me, establishing boundaries (The ISFJ mother provides a secure environment for her family by defining clear roles for parent and child, steady and consistent rules, and predictable routines. Her children know what they can count on.)
  • Appreciation, guilt, fear of being a "wet blanket - hm... well, they can't all be right.
Not sure I "fear being a "wet-blanket", but all-in-all very interesting. There are 16 Mothering Personality Types listed.
I'd love to hear other mom's takes! Take the quiz and post your results!

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