Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding - Are you watching?

I remember as a kid watching a VHS tape of Charles and Diana's wedding that my mom had recorded. My mom was very into the Royals for a good portion of my childhood - at least until the fairytale started to unravel.
So, I've been looking forward to this royal wedding. It's exciting - although I'm not really sure why. I guess because of the fairytale aspect - and there just aren't really any other royals anymore, so it seems like a very rare thing to get to witness - like history in the making!
I WAS NOT going to get up at 2 AM to watch the royal wedding though. Then I thought about recording it on the DVR and watching it later, but my husband is still unemployed and I could just imagine the eye-rolling I would receive when I went to watch it.
THEN I realized - oh wait! - I'm WORKING. The night shift. And guess what? Just my luck, it seems to be a slow night. I have to stay awake after all and I'll  be able to stream the royal wedding online! Yay! Apparently I will already be awake and can watch it live!

Did you (or are you going to) watch the Royal Wedding?

One more thing...
so at work I  got a new supervisor and she decided to
have us do a little icebreaker through email.

I thought it would be fun to share!

What is your Royal Name?
Start with Lord or Lady
Your grandmother's first name
The name of your first pet
and the name of your childhood street

Here's mine:
Lady Maxine Farley of Gull Harbor

What's yours? Leave it in the comments below!

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