Friday, May 6, 2011

Book Review: The Fiery Cross

The Fiery Cross (Outlander)
Book Details:
Title: The Fiery Cross
Author: Diana Gabaldon
2001, Delta Trade
Genre: Time-travel, Romance, Historical Fiction

Book Summary (from the back cover):
The year is 1771, and war is coming. Jamie Fraser's wife tells him so. Little as he wishes to, he must believe it, for hers is a gift of dreadful prophecy - a time-traveler's certain knowledge. Claire's unique view of the future has  brought him both danger and deliverance in the past; her knowledge of the oncoming revolution is a flickering torch that may light his way through the perilous years ahead - or ignite a conflagration that will leave their lives in ashes...

My Review:
The book basically started right in one day later after the end of the last one. That being said, I felt like I was wading through the first half of this book. I liked it, wasn't really bored, but there was just something about the first part that didn't really get me too into it.

Not until about halfway through and some exciting stuff started happening with Roger (which I won't discuss for spoiler reasons) did I feel like the pace picked up. From that point on, I was hooked into the story. Then as it continued on, I liked it more and more.

I wouldn't say this was my favorite book in the Outlander series, but it was pretty good. I feel like everyone has worked into their respective roles (meaning, Claire, Roger and Brianna being from another time) and their lives are starting to flow well together. I'm always amazed at how the author brings characters in and out of her books. Characters that you thought were long gone or dead are mentioned again and again later on. 

There was one character in particular that I was very happy to see come back at the end of this book. =)

I also have to say that reading this book with Google handy is a good thing - not this one, but the whole series. I found myself Googling, Carrier Pigeons, myrtle-bushes and a few other things that I had no idea what they were talking about. I guess I'm getting a little education along the way.

I'm glad to have a little break to read a few other books until I get the next installment. But from the way this one ended ... sounds like the next one should be pretty interesting!

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