Friday, May 13, 2011

Book Review: Larkspur Cove (Great Read!)

Larkspur Cove
Book Details:
Title: Larkspur Cove
Author: Lisa Wingate
2011, Bethany House
ISBN: 978-0-7642-0821-8
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Christian Fiction

After surviving the worst year of her life, Andrea Henderson moves home to sleepy little Moses Lake, Texas, to recover her shattered faith and build a new life for herself and her son.

Game Warden Mart McClendon finds himself in Moses Lake for a different reason: to forget a tragedy for which he can't forgive himself.

But when a mysterious little girl is suddenly seen with the town recluse, these two unlikely allies are drawn together in a search for her identity. As wounded past collide, will their quest bring the redemption and hope they need - or consequences neither of them expected?

My Review:
I thought this was an excellent book. I really enjoyed it. It was the first book I've read by Lisa Wingate, but I think I may be checking out some more of her books. 

The characters, Andrea and Mart, are real and believable. Andrea moves back to Moses Lake after a hard divorce with her 14-year-old son. She is still reeling from the circumstances of the divorce and trying to deal with a teenager that has suddenly closed himself off from her. She takes a job with a family counselling agency where she has to do home-visits referred from CPS.

Mart has his own set of problems and has moved to Moses Lake to get away from family and forget what happened to his brother and nephew. 

The story of the town recluse, Len, and the little girl he's seen with, Birdie, is heart-wrenching and sweet at the same time. The author does a wonderful job of drawing the reader into the challenges of their situation and the situation of those trying to figure out what to do about them. The farther I got into the book, the faster I was reading to find out what happened to Len and Birdie!

I would definitely recommend this book! I didn't feel like it was the average Christian fiction. It had some solid Christian values and references, but wasn't part of the main storyline.

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me free-of-charge by Bethany House Publishers for my honest review. 
I received no other compensation for my review and all opinions are strictly my own.

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