Thursday, June 9, 2011

Park Days & Play-Doh

My husband started his new job this week (yay!)
Monday was his last day at home before he went back to work
so we went to the local park for a while.

I actually don't think we've ever taken the Little Guy to the park
(mmm... maybe once about 1.5 years ago!)
and he thought it was great!

Well, except maybe the swing - that wasn't such a hit.

Yesterday we had a lot of fun.
Now that Daddy's not home all day, Mommy is trying to limit
TV time to a minimal amount during the day.
(Impossible when Daddy's home)
Soooo.... we did some puzzles, played outside AND broke out
the Play-Doh! Fun!
Amazing the things that they do with stuff - look at this truck:

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