Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reading Friends & Moms

As I was perusing through my facebook posts today,
I came across friend Elle's post on 
Read a Book. Give a Book.

She had tagged me in it, so of course I had to take some notice. =)
I followed the link to
and it is exactly what it sounds like!

You choose a campaign - there are 6 to choose from -
and then you start reading books to your kids (or yourself!)
Book ages: 0 - teen
I immediately started going through, searching by Ages 0-3
 and saving books I thought my Little Guy would enjoy like:
Spot Loves His Mommy
Spot Loves His Daddy
The Snowy Day
Things That Go
I Knew You Could! (train book!)

I thought this sounded like a pretty neat program,
so I thought I'd pass it along to any other readers out there. =)

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