Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Co-Sleeping - An Experiment

We know quite a few families that co-sleep together.
Our family is not one of them.
Don't get me wrong - we don't think it's bad or anything -
I'm just the sort of person who worries a lot
(about things like smothering) AND I'm a super light sleeper.
I hear my son in the other room if he makes a peep
and I'm wide awake and at his side.

Well, last night we tried it.
My son woke up crying so hard he was almost inconsolable.
I'm not sure what it was -
he seems to be coming down with a cold
or maybe he had a scary dream, I'm not sure.

But I finally had to go wake my husband to help.
Then after we got him back to sleep and I climbed back in bed -
two minutes and my son was crying again.

My husband said, "Oh! Just bring him to bed!"
So... we nestled him in between us and he promptly fell asleep.
He took up more of the bed than the two of us put together.
My husband finally said he was going to have
to go sleep on the couch because he was hanging off the side!

I pulled the Little Guy to my side and then he was moving around,
sitting up, burrowing his head in my neck, flinging his arm
over my face and wiggling all around - CONSTANTLY.

After what I thought was like 2 hours of this,
I gave up. I couldn't sleep - I'm just too much of a light sleeper.
(my husband is not, and hence, he finally DID fall asleep)
and gathered up the Little Guy up to put him back in his crib.
It had only been 45 minutes.

Anyway... he slept fine the rest of the night
and so did we. =)

Moral of the story -
some people are cut out to have family beds
and some of us ARE NOT.

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