Friday, July 8, 2011

Great Honest Post about Breastfeeding

I recently started following Darcy over at
Tales From the Nursery

She had a good, honest post about breastfeeding
on her blog today titled

I've been done breastfeeding for a year now,
but it made me think about how I'm STILL 
different from pre-pregnancy/breastfeeding 
and will never be the same.

  • Saggy and smaller boobs (no more cute and perky!)
  • I swear my nipples are less sensitive than pre-breastfeeding (I thought that might remedy itself after time, but apparently not)
  • I lost 5 extra pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, but gained those 5 pounds back as soon as I stopped breastfeeding
Anyway... it's kind of depressing actually.
He was definitely worth the trouble (and the saggy boobs)
and I would do it again and I WILL do it again if there's another one,
(and, hello, it's FREE!)
but geez, the after-effects are kind of a bummer.

Any thoughts??

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