Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Holiday Weekend

Whew! Seems like we had a really busy weekend!
Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays and those
of us in the Pacific NW lucked out and got a non-rainy weekend!
The weather here has been terrible all Spring. No more than 3 
days of sun in a row (and that was rare) and then more rain. We  had
a beautiful weekend here upper-70s to low-80s - PERFECT!

On Saturday my husband and I took the Little Guy down to a local park
which has trails down to the Puget Sound. He loved it!
The tide was out, so we could do lots of fun exploring under 
rocks and find slimy seaweed and such.

Sunday was church and then we enjoyed
some quiet time at home.

Monday was a little unusual for us -
we always have fireworks to let off, but this year
we don't have a lot of extra money, so we opted not to get any.
The Little Guy is small enough he won't remember anyway.

So... we spent most of the day at home cleaning up the yard,
my husband put up (finally!) by clothesline in the backyard,
and then we headed over to my parents for dinner.

Then we went to a local fireworks show - there must have been
thousands of people there! We'd never been, but we'd heard it was
a great show! We walked around and found friends to visit with
and then the fireworks started and they were great!
And the Little Guy loved them!

Today we are kind of having what I call
the too much fun fall-out.
Too much of a good thing makes someone a cranky boy.

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