Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our Trip to Ride the Steam Train

A couple months ago I grabbed up some 1/2 price
 tickets to ride a steam train in our area. 

As we all know, my son LOVES his "Doot Doots",
so I knew he would love this. =)

All the way to the station, he said,
"Ride doot doots?" "Ride doot doots!?"
Soooo cute! He was so excited and I don't even
think he fully understand what was going on.

Yay! We're about to go!

We got a little sprinkled on - I mean seriously - we DO
live in the Pacific Northwest. It was just a little sprinkle though...

That's my dad - under his coat. Apparently he thought
he was really going to get wet. =)

That's my aunt and uncle. My uncle is visiting 
from Phoenix, AZ this week. Poor guy.

My husband makes taking nice pictures of us so difficult.

With "Bopa" and "Nanny"

And a close up look.

It was a fun time with family and my Little Guy
was thrilled. =) I guess we're going to have to take him again. 

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