Saturday, August 6, 2011

Completed Projects and Baby Shower

Last night a friend and I threw a baby shower for my good friend, Leah.
It was a busy day, but fun to visit with friends. =)

Here was my gift. 
I've had it all done for awhile and you might remember
this post where I misplaced supplies

Nursing Cover

Knitted Candy Corn hat in Superwash Merino Wool,
3 Knitted Washcloths in Cotton/Model blend,
3 Burp Cloths made with flannel and cloth prefolds

I asked my mom to buy a Baby Shower banner I saw at Michael's.
Well, she bought it, but then she came back to my house and
whipped up this personalized banner from some scrapbooking paper
using the one she bought as a template!

Super cute, right?

Another lady at the shower crocheted this adorable blanket...
I'm jealous!

In addition to these, there were more handmade gifts at this shower!
More burp cloths by a couple friends, receiving blankets, my mom is going to make
her a quilt, a photographer is giving her a photo session...

I know it sounds funny because mine was the only gift I could control,
but for some reason I was kind of proud that we had some many
fun, creative people who made handmade gifts!
They are so much better than the store bought versions and 
are so much more special!

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